How to update Samsung Admire to Android 4.3

Android 4.3, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. And it improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android 4.0, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android. First, you must back up your Samsung Admire information. Google has your back. Go to Settings > Privacy, and make sure that “Back up […]

How to take screenshots with Samsung Admire

Take Screenshot with your Samsung Admire is real easy. If yours is the Samsung Admire, heres what you need to do. Its a secret feature actually. 1. Be sure you are running on Samsung Admire. 2. When you are in the specific screen which you desire to take Screenshot, Carefully Press the Back button in […]

How to Block ads on Samsung Admire

When you play games, or watch the news by Samsung Admire, Suddenly, there was a pop up ad block your view, you will feel very angry. There is a way one can block these ads on your Samsung Admire. The first,“ROOT” is required to block ads on Samsung Admire. This means that your phone has […]