How to make ringtones for ZTE Grand X IN

RingDroid is an intuitive app that published in 2008 and downloaded by millions of users worldwide. You can create your own ringtone, alarm, or notification sound from any WAV, 3GPP, ARM, AAC, MP4, or MPE3 audio file you have on your ZTE Grand X IN, or record a new one directly on the device. The […]

How to Turn on Cookies on ZTE Grand X IN

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify […]

How to take HDR photos with ZTE Grand X IN

The ZTE Grand X IN’s “Ultrapixel” camera is one selling points, and it have the vast assortment of photo features arranged around it. It is one of the top-performing Android phones now and on guide to Androidography we take the ZTE Grand X IN. The photography of the smart phoney, Whether on Android or Apple […]

How to Setup ZTE Grand X IN Lost Mobile Tracker

How to Setup ZTE Grand X IN Lost Mobile Tracker? Maybe you know the Samsung ZTE Grand X IN come with a free mobile tracker app ,when your Samsung ZTE Grand X IN stolen that app will help you find your phone . Here is the guide to help you setup the feature. 1. On […]

How to Change the Keyboard Design on ZTE Grand X IN

You can change the design and display of the digital keyboard on the ZTE Grand X IN. features two built-in digital keyboards, the “Samsung” keyboard and “Swype” keyboard.If the two built-in keyboards aren’t working for you, you can install a third-party keyboard app.Download a variety of keyboard apps, including non-English language keyboards, from the Google […]

How to set up Lycos Mail on ZTE Grand X IN

You must have a Lycos Mail Plus membership in order to have access to your mail account via POP or IMAP. Please check with ZTE Grand X IN′s instruction manual for specific set up instructions. To set up your Lycos Mail email on ZTE Grand X IN, please follow these steps. 1. Start by tapping […]

How to block a phone number on ZTE Grand X IN

You know Android phone allow you to block contacts on your phone. The procedure can be unique on your ZTE Grand X IN. It varies from phone to phone. Users of the ZTE Grand X IN can take advantage of the phone’s Reject List, which keeps a list of numbers that are blocked. There are […]

How to turn your ZTE Grand X into Webcam

If you are not happy with the quality of video in your laptop’s webcam and would like to use your ZTE Grand X as Webcam for video conferencing, you can find some interesting tips in this article. There are many Apps available in Google play which can convert your phone into Webcam. Some of the […]

How to Set Up Tether on ZTE Grand X IN

One of the business advantages of the ZTE Grand X IN is the ability to share their Internet connection with other devices through a process known as tethering. When a device such a PC or laptop is tethered to the ZTE Grand X IN it can access the Internet without the need for a modem […]

How to Announce Calls on ZTE Grand X IN

The ZTE Grand X IN can announce the name or phont number of incoming calls and it can announce incoming text messages and emails. This standard feature of the ZTE Grand X IN is called “Caller ID Readout”.You don’t need to look at your ZTE Grand X IN to identify callers and senders of incoming […]