How to extend Galaxy S Vibrant battery life?

The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant battery life is ridiculously low (although I suppose I should have seen that coming with a smartphone). How can I extend it?

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant use the Android OS and is good at managing memory,if it needs some it will auto close programs that are not being used.
Usually you kill an app it takes battery power for the thing to load, if its setting in memory it is not consuming any power.
The only thing that battery saver programs  show you more in depth of what you battery is doing and give you options to auto do things when the amsung Galaxy S Vibrant battery reachs a certain level.

Things you can do to save amsung Galaxy S Vibrant battery.
Don’t be updating email, facebook, weather automatically every 15 mins try either every half an hour or hour or manually.
Set you phone to sync contacts and stuff at night when it would be plugged in .
Turn 3g off if not actively using it-or you are in an area that it bounces 2g-3g and back that uses a ton of battery.
Turn wifi and blue tooth off if you are not using it.

Another thing is that Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant having beautiful screens and quality will use more battery. In addition to lowering the brightness a trick you can do is to use a black or dark wallpaper. This uses less light to emit all the colors needed than a colorful wallpaper.

Most androids have poor battery life. If all else fails, buy a new battery of amsung Galaxy S Vibrant.