How to free up RAM in HTC Desire S

HTC Desire S is a very good android phone,but it hogs up a lot of memory by the running apps in the background.
Anyways, linux OS such as Android uses available RAM as much as possible and releases it if other apps requires it.
Below, I will introduce how to free up RAM in HTC Desire S.

Method One:
You need to move apps to the SD card from HTC Desire S.Most apps will work fine when moved to the SD card.

Method two:
Clearing the HTC Desire S RAM will just close and reset running apps. It is helpful to close some apps open and then let your system restart the needed apps.
It may help you run faster but for a short time as you use your phone and more apps remain open. After doing it your RAM usage will decrease temporarily, but it will go up again so probably not useful to do a lot.

Method three:
If you believe your HTC Desire S is running little sluggish,you can try clearing cache in the app management.
You can also clear an app’s cache or data from its details screen to free up space. Clearing the cache clears an application’s temporary files, while clearing data is more drastic. Clearing data will set your application back to its original state, deleting all your custom settings and data – for example, if I cleared data here, it would delete my saved notes.

Method four:
You can root your HTC Desire S, of course,you must ask in the HTC Desire S All Things Root forum. But yes, you can root and keep your stock ROM, and without installing invasive apps in the process.
If you rooted, there a plenty of apps or scripts you can run that allow you to change the thresholds for the native memory management. Or if you’re not rooted, the stock task manager does work.

Method five:
The best ways to free up HTC Desire S is “Uninstall Apps”.
If you don’t use an app much, you’d better go to uninstall it. Even if you’ve purchased the app, you can re-download it from Google Play (formerly the Android Market). Sorting apps by their size is particularly useful when looking for apps to uninstall.

Method six:
You can also get your photos, videos, and other files off your HTC Desire S by connecting it to a computer with a USB cable.