How to make ringtones for Lumigon T2

RingDroid is an intuitive app that published in 2008 and downloaded by millions of users worldwide.
You can create your own ringtone, alarm, or notification sound from any WAV, 3GPP, ARM, AAC, MP4, or MPE3 audio file you have on your Lumigon T2, or record a new one directly on the device.
The process is straightforward and easy to grasp after one or two attempts. The best part? It’s completely free (never contain ads) and you can create ringtones without having your computer on hand.
Step 1: Mount your Lumigon T2
Connect and mount your Lumigon T2 to your computer.
Step 2: Locate and load your desired song
Find and choose your desired ringtone song and load it on to your Lumigon T2. Feel free to eject your Lumigon T2 after uploading the song you want to use.

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Step 3: Open the RingDroid
Next,open the program. You can grab the app for free at the Google Play Store if you don’t have it already.
Step 4: Choose your song
RingDroid will show a list of all the music on your Lumigon T2 when you first open the program. Scroll through the list or use the search bar at the top and to locate the song you would like to use for your ringtone. Press the song title to choose it.
Step 5: Choose your favorite part of the song
choose the part of the song you wish to capture for your custom ringtone. The length and placement of the song clip can be tweaked, but keep in mind that Android ringtones continually run in 30-second (or less) loops, so don’t pick something that you are going to regret later. You can also press the play button to preview the ringtone clip.
Step 6: Save your ringtone
Press the floppy disc icon at the bottom once you’re satisfied with your selection. Then name the ringtone and choose the type of audio file you’d like to save it as.

Step 7: Assign the ringtone
Select whether your want to make the clip your default ringtone or assign it to a specific contact. The ringtone can later be set by going to your Lumigon T2’s settings and accessing the Sounds option.